Sometimes I wake up and I feel like”Gwarsh!!….are we still on this planet,haven’t you come already?”Probably because I’m tired of the monotony of this life!(Wakeup,Eat,Work and sleep!)and so the cycle follows through for 365 days non-stop!! 😦
To top it all up as if the monotony is not a bore,one human from God knows where, will just SUCK the fun out of your day and leave you gloomy all day!People just do not like minding their own business,probably because their business is not interesting enough so they need to make yours drama for their entertainment!  
The days when we decide not to talk to anyone.. some random” Ronnie UFO” drops from nowhere and wants to start a convo…And I’m like..”hi there,do I know you?”,and he’s like ”No but i want you to know me!”.Why on earth will I want to know someone through social media when he already looks like a Criminal?!No way!!………Word of advice…Do not use this line on me ”Hi Juliet,can I be your Romeo?”I am sick and tired of it!!Bruv…you do not even know the full story! 
Mr Man, please when you meet me in town and I have not introduced myself to you,do not try calling me by your desired name!(No: sister girl,Princess,Ahou)f3,Obahemaa,Obayaa or pissssssssss!!)Please do not call me at all because you do not have anything sensible to say that will edify my soul!
”TroTro mates”…do us all a favour…Please try keeping all your fingers together instead of sticking one up your nostril!, try shaving your pubic hairs and keeping your arms freeeaking off our heads,we want to smell no B.O!!


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