Some of you may be in a hurry to read what is below this random topic but well,hey…It’s just a random thought of mine!

Dear Friends who refer to us as ”Africans”…We would appreciate it better if you referred to as by our Nationalities!Africa is the second largest continent in the world with 54 different countries ,tribes and languages yet they still think we are one ”Brobdingnagian” country! Asia=China Not!

Please quit asking ”Do you speak ”African?”-That is not a language,the language is ”Afrikaans” and not every African speaks Afrikaans or Swahili,Afrikaans is spoken by Afrikaners and Afrikaners are Indo Europeans who are obviously White!(Btw;most ‘black’ Africans do not speak Afrikaans and do not want to learn how to either!).It is like saying every Scot plays the bagpipe and eats haggis and Every Asian is Einstein Smart!!!  India is found in Asia,what language do Asians speak…Chinese??do all Asians speak Chinese and do all Indians speak Hindi??

”That is how Africans are!”-What do you mean by that?!you Racist!Do we sit back and judge your personalities based on what a country in your continent does?It is not every country in Africa that is known for ridiculous poverty and witchcraft ,so stop painting us evil!

For your Info..One President does not rule Africa!!I do not think that Obama rules the whole of Europe!Countries in Africa are divided by Borders just like those in your continent!We also do use our senses and reason just like YOU!Image result for africa is not a country  it is a continent

 Our continent is the biggest black continent and home to more than 1 billion people hence,1 out of 7 of any human on earth is an African!Being an ignorant Racist is worse than being a mere Racist!We are Africans and we know that!We do not live on trees,we are normal Human beings just like you!Most of us are probably wealthier than you are!!Abeg at  the world cup of Nations we hear a country named ”Africa!”:(

Africa is not a land filled with diseases!!AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY!Image result for africa is not a country  it is a continentImage result for different tribes in africaImage result for different tribes in africa         


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