Have you ever wondered why some people still hang around exhibiting madness yet they are not in the psychiatric home?

Well…stop wondering…cos I’m one of them,maybe you are as well.

Why would I be blogging if I wasn’t insane??more like I’m talking to myself but just that my second self happens to be a SCREEN 🙂 wow!so sane right!

Some of us don’t seem to understand insanity…Insanity is a beautiful thing in my own words.


I am not perfect but being insane makes me feel perfect!that way,I don’t have to be like everyone else(like a box of match sticks!)

Why cry when you are sad or heart-broken when you can blog out your feelings?Why cry when you can tell nature all about it?Why cry when God is up waiting to listen to your problems?

Too many question marks I guess…but yh…your life is a question mark on its own!

You don’t know why you even cried yesterday but today you seem to be all over it!We lunartics live everyday like it’s the last day,we don’t cry because we were hurt!we get angry at ourselves cos we allowed ourselves to be hurt!

We love the moon and adore it like it was worth more than our own lives,We seem to admire the most insignificant things;like leaves,weeds,a bird in the air,the picture of a teeny-tiny ant…list them!

It may seem awkward but if you are not one of us then you are just not!we understand each other perfectly well…sometimes it seems we are able to read each others mind by reading ours first.

It is wonderful how we are able to communicate without even communicating…We are the weirdest people on earth!Want to join us??




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