GOD’s Awesomeness

God has done so much for me that I can’t even describe most.
It is awesome how he is able to comfort you through his word even when you’ve not seen him before yet you believe he is the greatest.(Faith).
It is awesome how you’re able to feel his presence even when you’ve never encountered him physically yet you know he will always be there for you.(Faith+Trust)
It is awesome how we can complete our assignments knowing very well that we’ve failed yet that voice…Just that strange voice within tells us that all will be well,we were not born failures and we won’t become one!WOW!who is this masquerader?(Strong faith+Hope+Trust)
It is awesome how we can dream and see ourselves in another dimension,communicating with faces we have never seen and after some days,we actually do meet these people…then we sit back to wonder about how this world actually works!(faith)
It is utterly awesome how we are able to drift into a long sleep and still remember to wake up the following day…what stops us from dreaming and what causes us to wake up??(Grace)
It is awesome how we battle in our mothers’ wombs inorder to be the first ones to come out only to let out a loud cry of regret because it isn’t the world we had imagined back there!We weren’t groomed at all for all these insanities yet we do live life like we know the uncertainties of Tomorrow.(Hope)
It is again awesome how we go to church each day to worship and dance to songs that honour and glorify his name yet we do not know who he really is and we are very confident that he is the only true and eternal GOD! 🙂
I can go on and on without this awesomeness ceasing,without his Grace diminishing,without Hope decreasing,without faith dwindling and without trust depreciating!


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