Oh Charley!those times when we never used to care about our hair cuts and styles,

When girls and boys used to play ”Ampe”together everyday like it was a unisex game!to the extent that the boys took it upon themselves to suggest play times!

Those times when we used to play ”FLAMES(F-riends,L-Lovers,A-dmirers,M-arriage Partners,E-nemies and S-ecret Admirers)” during the ”Library Period”instead of reading because the books were so boring and so outdated!

Those times when we thought we could draw and colour so much after drawing our stick man and colouring it with so much passion and blabbing about it !Whooop!!those were the days!
Those times when a good Saturday meant going to ”Nandos”and eating Pizza!!!#Ayeeee!!

Those times when we felt so much like the teacher’s pet cos we were asked to write names of talkatives!when our friends used to beg us for permission to talk in order not to have their names written down

Those times when we used to put(DP and TP)at the end of the names of the naughty boys in class!ehhh…but me I used to add(Fp,Fp,SP,SP,EP…)there was nothing like that but just felt like being WICKED!:)

Ah!those times when we had our birthday parties in class and when it was time to take a picture with the ”bestie”,everyone will go like:”Oh me ooo”,”I am your best friend oooo!”,”Oh remember I bought you fish Yesterday!”,”On my birthday I’ll call you ooo”.Ayeee!this was disastrous!When it got to their birthday,you’d just have to sit somewhere quiet cos you knew you weren’t going to be called!! 😥

Those times when”Silent Hour”in the mornings used to be a bore and instead of reading,we would place our book on our laps with our heads on the table and doze off!:)(I was a champion at that!

Those times when we played sick on Sundays just to stay home instead of going to church just to watch ”Shiffu,A journey to the west”!

Those times after school when we wished to be picked up early in order to go and watch”Denise the menace” or ”Tommy and Oscar”(Eh!me I used to beg my parents to allow me go home myself by taxi and just at the sound of Cling from the bell…I’ld be *poof*–goooooone!!)

When we used to cherish our Legos more than our bestfriends yet were never able to tell how they each got missing!!:'(

Those times when we used to finish all our food for”Mummy”,Daddy”,Grandma”and the last bit ”for Jesus”only to receive an applause and a thumbs up!(Ayeee!!!I wish they could still beg me to eat!!)

Oh how we used to boast about our new shoes,bags and Water Bottles(oh how the most insignificant things meant a lot to us!smh!)

Ayeeee!!How we used to dread ”Open days”when our parents were to check our performance so far in class by flipping through our books!How we dreaded it so much so that we would tuck the subjects with poor marks below and exalt the ones with commendable marks,forgetting that the ones under would still be looked at!(As for me no matter what I did,my Dad always started with Maths and ended with English!! 😥
Gone are the times when friends used to mean so much to us! and Gone are the times when we used to cry when our friends said”I won’t be your friend again’!’

_’Humility indeed should be learned from a child!’_yepy


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