be yourself

I am not you,I can never be you and will never bother to try!
I describe myself as unpredictable because I am…even to myself,It is really surprising but somehow I feel like I can be part of the avengers.

There are some days that I seem to have so much strength that it feels like I can pull down a house!…(yes I know…#strange)
Some time ago,I was wondering why I wasn’t like everyone else but then I’ve come to realise that I am unique in a weird way!Never ask me what I’d like to be in future…I do not know!I thought I did till today.I am so talented to the extent that I feel I have no talent cos I can’t focus on one of them.

Gone are the days when I used to try everything people were doing because I felt normal human Beings should fit into society.
Now I know i dislike pre-technical skills(I used to get the marks for the drawings though but that was after I was done sweating,erasing and tearing out pages of the sketched work! I do not draw #perfection,I draw #imperfection because that is what I am!!

_Perfection is boring_!..

I draw landscapes,I draw greens and browns,I deal with colorful imperfections that do not need measurements…at least they tell a story!Who would tell me where to place my birds or trees or how many leaves to place on a branch?
Gone are the days when I used to hide all my talents and focused on others’!
__I want to be a ”multi-tasker”(that is my word,forget about the professional name!)_

Do not ask me the things I’d like to be doing,wait and meet me in the future..then you can have your questions answered.

I don’t want to be a novelist,Not a dancer,not a philanthropist,not a poet,not a cook,not a farmer,not a fashion designer…I want to be all of ’em!

I don’t want to be you!No!choosing one out of the list would mean me trying to be like you!


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