My Dad just got back from the States but is traveling again to the village for a funeral…he literally just landed!!!That is not even the spine-chilling part…he just landed with my A level results!!!

I’d been waiting ecstatically for so long for the confirmation of  my ”ABC” victory but it didn’t go that way:(

I got ”DDD”hahahaha!!!even in ”Literature!”Eh!!my God is a wonder God!I was so sure I’d get an ”A” in Literature but God’s ways are not my ways so yh….

I was so demystified and utterly styricken by shock at the sound of the ”recurring letter”,how is this possible?Is he just pulling my legs? is he sure that there has not been a mixup anywhere?(Just too many rushed questions at that moment..)

After all the insanities rushing through my head,I went back to my dad(not that I had anything to say to him at that instance)but the words just formed out by themselves,”Hmmm,surprisingly I am very happy that I got these grades,I know I shouldn’t be but I am because I put in all my best and I prayed a lot so if this is what God wants for me….then so be it!”WOW!!!

like I just got my results about 30 mins ago and I’m already blogging.

Thought I should share this with everyone,including those who feel that all hope is lost due to all those recurring failures in their life.

”No situation is permanent!”,”God knows best!”,”Failing does not make you a failure!!!”,and everyone should be proud of themselves every step of the way to achieving their goals…If you truly want to succeed in life then you have no other option,really…Be proud of your failures,Learn from your failures and you will make it!—

Just to update you on what has become of me after the confirmation of my unfavorable grades last 2years,I am currently at my first choice University(University of Ghana)and is putting to use all lessons learnt from the past!



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