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It only takes God to pull us off from the merry-go-round our lives have become!when we are able to read all the motivation quotes and the bible back to back but our lives seem nothing to write home about…then we know that it is time to do what we have never done right,It is time to trust someone who is bigger than the human race itself to sort out messes and decypher coded evil in our lives!
I say I am blessed because I never have to make Lemonade with my lemons to have a party with a crazy vodka drunk!My Lord comforts me in times of sorrow and of fear. Jehovah Shalom is the sugar in my lemonade,he sweetens my Bitterness!
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I’ll fear no evil for He is with me!
He is my only Lemon-aid!


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